Thursday, March 19, 2015

(Concentration) Project #18 Testing Keyboard

For project # 18 I wanted to do another watercolor painting of a picture from a past concert I had been to. This was from the Ty Segall show. In the picture it shows odd lighting on the band member, Mikal Cronin as he tests the keyboard he'll be playing the next song on. I chose this picture because I really liked the sort of thinking expression he gives as he's playing with the keyboard. I also really like the unusual lighting that makes him look multicolored. My color palette was blue, pink, red, green, brown, orange, and yellow. The medium I used was watercolor paint with pen. I started by sketching him out and then the keyboard. Second, I used brown water color pencil to evenly color his hair. I added pink, reds, and yellow on his skin and blended them together. I then took a wet brush and watered the colors on the paper and blended them more. After that I drew the shirt and filed it in with green and brown to make an olive green color. I wetted the brush again and blended some more. I lightly colored in the keyboard. After it all dried I went in with pen and outlined the guy and his keyboard. I added more detail to the face, hair, shirt, pants, and instrument. Although this was fairly simple and not a completely time consuming project I really liked how it turned out. I wanted the guy to look like he was in the moment when playing with his instrument and I think I did. I also enjoyed working with the color combination. It reminds me of a lava lamp in a way.

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