Sculpture Final Portfolio

1. My favorite material used would probably be clay. I really enjoy working with clay because you can shape it, mold it, or sculpt it into whatever you want. Clay is also stress relieving for me. A project I really enjoyed working with clay was the pressure/texture project. By the time I was working on that project, I felt like I progressed and everything was turning out how I wanted. I actually didn't like clay at first because I was less experienced with it which made me frustrated. For this project I made a skeleton hand bowl. The pressure is what's being put on hands and the bones inside. The texture is on the bones.

2. Many of my projects turned out well, but I think one of the most successful ones was my small project/flower crown. Although it wasn't my biggest project I think it turned out as one of the best. I had all the supplies I needed. I didn't feel a sense of unpreparedness like some of my other projects I've worked on. I also didn't rush nor did I get distracted. The material I used were: fake flowers, glitter glue, floral wire, naturally wired, and a hot glue gun. First I measured the naturally wired thick wire for the base of the crown and hot glued it in place. Next, I took the thin floral wire and wrapped it around. Then I hot glued the flowers to the base. After that process was done I put glitter glue around the edges of the flowers' petals. I was inspired to make this crown after I went to the first Friday in December and found these beautiful crowns. After that I really wanted to make some similar and see what I could do. 

3. My least successful would be the relief project. I felt kinda clueless with this project and really confused. I accidentally measured the pieces used, wrong. My paint job was also pretty bad. I couldn't decide whether to uses glazed or acrylic paint and what colors to use. I planned the project all out, but I would always want to change something about it and it just kept stressing me out. If I could go back and change it, I would measure it out better, spend more time on the detail of the guitar, and use glaze instead of acrylic paints.

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