Monday, January 12, 2015

(Last project for first semester) Choice Project ,Ghost girl, project # 11

In this project I didn't have much of an idea. I just started to draw a girl and went from there. I knew I wanted to make her look different from a normal girl. I made her have light blue skin and bright red with pink hair. I wanted it to look as if she's running away from something because I thought it would fit the background of darkness with the trees. After I drew out the girl, I began to paint her skin using a turquoise sort of blue, painting light to dark. Then I painted a medium blue background for a night time sky. After I painted the sky, I put in the grass using yellow mixed with sap green. I made the grass lighter where the moonlight was shining down at and darker on the other side. Then I worked on details with the girl's hair and face. I wanted there to be more in the background so I put in some trees. With the face I was originally going to put in eyes, but I discovered that I liked it without them better. I thought it created a spookish vibe, as if she was a ghost. For this theme I decided it would be "Preserve and protect." I thought this would be a good theme because it looks like there could be a story behind this piece. The ghost girl could be running away from something that's trying to get to her land, so she would be trying to preserve and protect. The topic is value because I showed the value of color that went from light to dark. I painted the light moving to the darkness on the other side of the girl. For the medium I used acrylic paints. My color palette for this piece is blues, pinks, reds, browns, and greens.

(Concentration) Cassette tapes, project #10

In this project I decided to do a picture of cassette tapes I had laid out on the floor. For the medium I used water color for the background and pen for the cassette tape. First I drew out the tapes and then I painted the background using really watered down red. When it was wet I dropped some salt on it to create an interesting effect. I then used violet watercolor paint and dripped it onto the light pink background with salt. Once it dried, I brushed off the salt. I added the color of each tape with watercolor paints. After that dried I began to outline the tapes again using black pen. After that I went over the tapes with hatching and crosshatching. Once I was done with that it was finished. Although this project came out okay, I wish I had worked on it longer so that it came out looking as I wanted it to. For the most part I think it looks okay. It could be better though. I might actually redo the whole thing later on so that I have a better looking piece for my portfolio. But for now, this is what I have.

Light pink wash with salt technique and purple drips.

Close up of some of the tapes.

(Concentration) Guitar project # 9

For project number 9 I had to do something that would fit into my concentration. I decided I would do a drawing of my guitar. I contemplated whether to use acrylic paints or prisma colored pencils. Even though I had just done a project with prismas I knew this project would be perfect for them. Plus I was really excited to use my set of brand new prisma color pencils I had gotten for Christmas. So, the decision was pretty obvious, I went with the pencils. I began drawing out the guitar on a piece of pastel paper. Then I used violet to shade in most of the guitar. I used other purples to show the reflection through the guitar and what it showed in my room. most of the reflection is distorted, but it's supposed to be that way. I went on top of those colors with the same ones to push the value of it all. I then worked on the upper part of the guitar, as well as the pickups, and outside of the guitar with magenta and pinks. I went back with white in the areas that needed it to show highlight. For my color palette I used violet, blue violet, magenta, dark pink, light pink, and white.

Pet Project # 8

For the pet project I decided to do a prisma colored pencil drawing around my dog Sage. I know I hadn't used colored pencils in a while do it would be a challenge, but also a great opportunity to use them. I began drawing the outline of my dog, then I started using browns and tans for the ears and face. I then worked on drawing his chest part with the same colors. I used blues and browns for the collar for those are the actual colors of his collar. I went back and put in darker colors in his fur to show more depth. For the background I thought I would make sort of an ombre with greens. I blended light greens into darker greens. For my color palette I used dark green, medium green, light green, turquoise, dark brown, reddish brown, tan, white, and a little bit of black. This was a tricky project because I was not sure how well I could pull it all off. In the picture my dog is at a strange angle of looking up to me and his ears are back. As I worked on the project more it all came together and I have to say I'm pretty happy with the results.