Art 2or 3 Final Portfolio

1. Out of all the projects I've done this semester of art class, I think my layers project was the most successful. The theme was to use layers in your art. I chose to make a type of glossy, translucent, eyeball portrait. The reason why I think this was the most successful project is because I knew everything I was going to do and it was planned out well. First I built a series of layers of gloss medium on a hard surface. Then I tore pieces of colored tissue paper and began to put them in the square of gloss medium. After I preformed that task, I painted on another layer of gloss and added threads. I then made eyeballs using wooden balls and painting them to look like different colored eye balls. I glued the eyeballs in and painted a final coat of gloss medium.

2. One project I felt  that I overcame many obstacles was the text/culture project. I chose punk culture and made a punk's head with text as his mohawk of words symbolizing a punk relating theme.  I wasn't very familiar with pen and ink-that's why I decided to use that medium to gain more experience from it. I also haven't used the technique of cross hatching very much, but I did attempt to use it in the picture I made. Another risk I took was writing words in very small lettering without penciling it out first. So I did take quite a few risks which actually helped the finished product as well as me to become a better artist.

3. Two pieces of work I think I have shown growth as an artist would be the perspective and intertextual project. For my perspective piece I chose to make a series of images to create one. To make this happen you need boxes, foam board, or something with a hard surface and that could be used to draw/paint on. The goal is to arrange the pieces in an order you like so when you use the projector, the image is made to look like one. I grew in this project because I took bigger risks then I normally take and I preformed tasks that I never did before. For the Intertextuality project I made a painting of Darth Vader with a baby Yoda. I have not made many paintings on canvas and I used to be afraid to, but this project helped me to move past the fear. I was also using new brush techniques that I hadn't tried before in my paintings. There were troubles in this project that I thought I couldn't fix; for an example, Darth Vader appeared to get lost in the dark back ground, but I discovered a solution. That was to make a colorful aura around him. By discovering solutions to help fix what could have been a failure, it helped me to fix the painting as well as improve as an artist. 

4. This was a fantastic idea and great opportunity. I really like that we had more freedom in this class. I enjoyed getting to choose what medium and exploring more ideas that I could incorporate into my art. When given a new project, we would make lists of ideas we could use for our project. This helped us explore the many opportunities and create something totally different. For an example: my Time as an Element project; I made a list of things I could do to show time. Some of my ideas were boring and then I came up with an exciting one I wasn't too sure about, but I definitely made it happen.  For my this project, I made Fight Club soap. The idea of it is to show the soap wearing down after time and getting bloody from all the fights. 

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