Monday, December 15, 2014

Landscape: Seattle Space Needle Watercolor w/ Pen

For the landscape project I decided to use pen and water colors. After looking through many pictures of various things I could use, I decided to do a painting of my favorite city's monument, the space needle. I love the space needle because it's such an interesting piece of architecture. I thought it was also cool because of the irony of using watercolors when it happens to rain a lot in the city of Seattle. I used hatching and crosshatching with pen for the building as well as the tree. I used different shades of purple for the clouds and blue watercolor for the sky. I used the dripping technique to make a runny look as if water was pouring from the sky. This project benefited me in getting better at my cross hatching techniques. All and all this was a pleasant project and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 


In this project for the color challenge I decided to draw several bows with different colors.
I used prismacolor pencils of coarse. I was able to have a month to do it so that was pretty nice that I could take my time with it. I got more experience with using colored pencils. I only used prismas one other time. I really enjoyed blending the colors and making an interesting reflective look. I know that this was not a very liked project by others, but I will say that I actually enjoyed it. I really like trying to make realistic pictures and this was a great opportunity to try and do that.

Turning Nature Into Mechanical Steampunk Cat

For the turning nature into something mechanical project I made a steampunk cat. I used my cat, Princess Buttercup as my model and looked at pictures of gears for reference. I used pen and acrylic paints on poster board. First I drew the cat out and placed what was going to be the metal and gears. I then started to paint the fur. I used natural tones of brown and tans. After I completed the fur I used copper and gold acrylic paints for the metal and gears. For the background I decided to paint a night sky, but with a wave of stars coming out of the cat's ears. This was a challenging, yet fun project. I learned fur techniques and gained more experience from drawing animals.

Choice Project: Shoes

I decided to do a choice project for the fifth project. The theme is pairs and the topic is exaggeration in the color. For the color pallet I used green, blue, purple, and pinks. The medium I used was oil paints. I wanted to uses oil paints because it had been a while since I used them, plus I thought it would be good for creating smooth textures. I chose to paint a picture I had taken of my shoes from right after a music show because I liked the after affects resulting in a beat-up look.