Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Final Project/ Flower crown.

In sculpture/ceramics class we had to do our final project. For this project you could do anything you wanted so I chose to make a flower crown! I was inspired by these beautiful crowns I saw at a little shop first Friday of December. I really wanted to make some similar and recreate it. The materials used were: Naturally wired, glitter glue, thin floral wire, fake flowers, and a hot glue gun. First I measured out the naturally wired thick wire for the base of the crown. Next, I wrapped the thin floral wire around and hot glued the fake flowers. After this process, I used the glitter glue to make the edges of the flowers' petals sparkly. This was one of the funnest and well-planned out projects I've done in this class. I think it was a very nice way to end the class!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Interaction project (In the process of making punk dolls)

For Art III we were given the choice to either make an interaction or a re-do project. I came up with several ideas for both projects and decided to make little punk dolls for an interaction project. I have not finished my project, but I will. Once I finish I'll post. I plan on making a Sid Vicious, Buzz Osbourne, Henry Rollins, Kathleen Hanna, Joey Ramone, and possibly others! as you see I have started making a Sid Vicious doll below which kinda resembles a voodoo doll.

Monday, January 6, 2014

"Let There Be Lips" Rocky Horror Picture Show marble drop

Recently sculpture/ceramics class had to make marble drops! Marble drops are contraptions that you drop a marble in and are made to lead through a path like a maze. They are also a form of interaction art! It took me a while to come up with a cool theme for this project. I tried to move away from the cliche type of ideas and decided to use one of my favorite movies for the theme, Rocky Picture Horror Show. I thought this would be a great theme because the movie has many neat subjects in it as well as interesting characters that I could incorporate into my marble drop! This project was a bit challenging for me because there was just so much to do. I know that many people were working in groups and I thought about doing that, but then I thought it would be a good challenge for me. So I went for it! The materials I used were foam board, paper, hot glue, acrylic paints, and glitter. First I measured out the pieces from the foam board and used hot glue to put them together. Then I looked up images from the movie to get an idea of what things I would incorporate into the marble drop. I drew out the characters and then glued them in. I think the most difficult part of the project was cutting out the measured pieces with the exacto blade, but besides that things went pretty well.

Texture and Pressure.

I went through many ideas for this project and finally came up with one I loved! I decided to make a skeleton bowl. This idea stuck out to me the most because the idea of pressure put on bones, plus there is texture in bones! I am also fascinated with skeletons and figured this would be the perfect opportunity to incorporate one of my interests into my art. For this project, I used a bowl mold to help shape the bowl and make it nice and even. After I smoothed out the clay, I began to make the bone pieces and shape them into a skeleton hand. I used score and slip to put them onto the bowl. Then I used carving tools to give the bones more texture. For the color scheme I decided to use green and turquoise glaze. This project went pretty well for me and hardly had any challenges even though I had never made a skeleton bowl or even a bowl for that matter.

Perspective. R.I.P Lou Reed

For my perspective project, I decided to make a series of images to create one. I chose the recently diseased Lou Reed for my image. First I measured out the pieces I would paint on as well as the base. Then I placed the pieces in positions I wanted the projection to go. I taped them down and traced the projection of Lou. After I painted the images, I glued them down to the base. I think this project was one of the more challenging ones for me.  I had never done a perspective project like this. Tracing the objects in the images was hard even though the pieces were taped down, they would move. I actually ended up erasing more of the tracings and redrawing them by eye. The reason I chose this solution for my project was because it's something I had never done and I always wanted to try it so I did it. This was definitely a challenging project, but I did enjoy it as well as learn from it.