Sunday, November 17, 2013

V e s s e l s

In Sculpture/Ceramics class we did a project on vessels! The point of a vessel is to be able to hold something in it. There are many ways you can make a vessel. It doesn't have to be a boring ole mug, it can be a space ship mug! or anything you think is cool. It's up to you to make something amazing and unique! You can pretty much incorporate anything into your vessel piece. The possibilities are endless! For my vessel pieces I made a cat mug, a little tea bag trey, and a heart shaped jewelry box.

Monday, November 4, 2013


For Sculpture/Ceramics class we had to make land art! Land art is basically incorporating art into
nature. There are various ways you can make land art.  For an example you can make a mandala out of
different colored leaves, stones, and sticks! Or you could make a snow man! The possibilities are endless!
The point of land art is to really put your effort into it to make something beautiful; however, land art isn't
meant to last forever. The best way to capture your piece is to take pictures of it. For my land art piece,
I decided to make a little house out of squash and sticks. It was a bit challenging, but very fun! Although I
was happy with the results with the finished piece, I know there are things I could have done better. For
an example, I could have used a ruler to measure the windows and where I would  carve and put everything. All and all this was a pretty successful and fun project!