Thursday, March 19, 2015

(Concentration) Project #17, Singer

I did a watercolor with pen and ink for project # 17. This came from a series of concert pictures I had taken at the concert for the band, Sleigh Bells. The woman who is the singer for the band is in the painting. I started off with drawing her out. Next, I added more detail throughout the figure with pencil. The detail is focused on the makeup, shirt, leather shorts, and fishnet stockings. I then used watercolor pencils to put color in the figure. I used black for the hair and evenly colored in. For the skin I used a light peach color and blended it with pink to show how the stage lights would hit the figure. I used a little bit of black to shade in around wrinkles in the leather shorts. Then I mixed green with brown to create an olive green for the woman's shirt. After that, I painted the background blending in the colors pink, purple, and blue to make a contrast between them. The colors represent the lighting on stage. After the watercolor paint dried, I used pen to outline the woman and all the details. My color palette for this piece was purple, pink, blue, olive green, peach, and black. My medium was watercolor. This project started off well, but I think I could have spent more time on the face because I think I over did it and went too strong with the pen. However, I think I did well on the rest of the body and its shape.

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