Thursday, March 19, 2015

(Concentration) Project #16 music show

For project 16, I decided to look at some old pictures I have taken at shows I have been to. I had taken this picture of one of my favorite bands, Best Coast at a local record store. Best Coast's style of music is 60's, beach alternative. The songs are mostly upbeat so I wanted to incorporate that into the picture I would draw and paint. First, I drew out the lead singer and guitarist, Bethany Cosentino and her guitar. Next, I drew in her skin using a flesh toned water color pencil and mixed in a little orange to make her skin look tanner. Then, I filled in the color of her hair using brown and yellow watercolor pencils and blended them in. Since her dress was originally white, I decided to add light blue to show the shadows in her dress. After that, all that was left to color in was the hat and the guitar. Last thing I painted was the background and I used an ombre of yellow, orange, and red to portray the beach like sound of Best Coast's music. After the watercolor painting was all dry, I added in pen to outline details as well as stippling. The medium I chose was water color pencils and pen. My color palette for this piece was yellow, orange, rad, peach, light blue, brown, and some black.

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