Monday, March 2, 2015

(Concentration) Project #15, Playing Guitar

One day I was practicing playing my guitar when all of a sudden I had my next idea for project 15. I would draw a closeup picture of me playing guitar. First I got out a sheet of lavender paper and drew out the proportions and everything in the picture I took. Then I began to fill in the color of my forearm as well as my hand. I started using light flesh tones to dark and then adding in brown to add shadow and depth. I drew in the nails using red to create the look of my nail polish chipping. Next, I drew the wood part of the headstock of the guitar. I used a yellow cream color, browns, and tans. I used gold for the Fender lettering. Next, I drew the metal nobs on the headstock of the guitar. I used silver, a little bit of black, and white. After that I used a dark brown to color in the neck of the guitar. I added in the frets with sliver. I didn't want to leave the background blank so I decided to color it in using a sky blue. I thought by using the color, the image would pop out more. The medium I s=used was prisma color pencils. My color palette consisted of sky blue, flesh tones, tan, browns, silver, white, red, and the tiniest bit of black. I think I did well on this project. I took my time in making the hand look realistic and well as the headstock and neck of the guitar.

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