Friday, April 17, 2015

(Breath) Project #21 (project 10 of the second semester) My cat

For my 10th project of the semester I decided to make a painting of my cat. My mother took a really cool picture my my cat one day. I thought it was a wonderful picture to use  for art class so I did. I began with doing a light red wash on the canvas. I let it dry and then I started to sketch the cat's face and all the little details of her fur so I wouldn't forget where they were. After I sketched her out, I started mixing a light green. First I colored in her pupils using black. I then went in with light green from the inside, working my way up using darker green for the outer part of the iris. I used black for the outline of her eyes. Then, I mixed pink with a little bit of yellow to create the color of her nose. I blended it on to the canvas. Next, I painted the bridge of her nose, which was a light tanish brown color. I painted all of her face using light browns, medium browns, and dark browns. I used a smaller brush for her patterned fur, continuing this fur all around her face. Then, I used white for her whiskers and hairs coming out of her ears. I used a very light tan color mixed with white to paint her chest. After I painted the whole cat, I just had to finish the background. I actually really loved the color of the wash I used in the beginning so I decided to make a light pink for the background. My color palette consisted of light pink, dark brown, light brown, tan, white, medium brown, green and black. This was a challenging project because of all the detail I had to do in the fur, but I also think it was a success.

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