Friday, April 17, 2015

(Breath) Project #20 (number 9 of the second semester) Colored Pencil Drawing Of Holding A Cap

I wanted to do something different and interesting for project number 9 of the semester. One day while I was in my kitchen I noticed a rusted metal bottle cap in the sink. I held the cap and thought about how cool it would be to make a prisma colored pencil drawing of it. First thing I did was got a piece of yellow pastel paper out and began to sketch my hand. I made sure all the proportions were right and then I started with the hand. I used light peach flesh tones and blended them into the pink. Then, I added turquoise and blue. I continued these colors thought the hand. To deepen the value, I got some navy blue and filled along the shadows of the inside of the hand. I then worked on the finger nails with the polish on. I started with a light yellow blending in the middle and then adding light brown outside of the yellow. I added gold and then dark brown to show the value of the nails. To highlight I used white to bring out the shine. Next, I worked on the metal cap. I started with silver and a little bit of black, blending towards the outer edge. I carefully added the letter using black then filling them in. Lastly, I added the rust of the metal cap by blending light browns with yellow and trying to show the rusty texture. I added white to show the highlights in the bottle cap as well as the hand. I used a light red to softly shade in the background. My color palette consisted of pink, peach, light blue, turquoise, navy blue, gold, yellow, light brown, dark brown, silver, white, and a little bit of black. I think this was a successful project for me.

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